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Enrollment Certification Request Form

When submitting your Enrollment Certification Request Form:

  • On the form, only include classes in which you are currently enrolled. You may submit multiple certifications for short terms at the same time if they are all in the same standard semester, ie spring, spring seven-week 1, spring seven-week 2, pharmacy eight-week 1, pharmacy eight-week 1, etc., but specify the term for each class.


  • If you make changes to your enrollment, it is your responsibility to notify the UT Tyler Veterans Resource Center (VRC) by submitting an updated Enrollment Certification Request Form.  Official Withdrawal Policies


  • The form must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the  semester/session bill due date. Failure to do so may result in delays in payments and/or drops from class.


  • You must list the correct VA benefit and the correct session. Only Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 will be processed before the first day of class. Chapters 30, 35, and 1606 will be processed after you pay your bill and we verify you haven't been dropped from your classes. If we receive the incorrect benefit/chapter and/or session, then that is what we will go off of to process your benefit. 


  • Do not use for Hazlewood if it is the only benefit you are using.


  • Veterans Hold.  Is placed on your account preventing any classes to be added, dropped, withdrawals, without notifying us so we can make the changes in the VA System. Enrollment changes may affect the amount of money you are being paid each month, and dropped/withdrawn classes may generate a debt to the VA which you may have to pay back to the VA.


  • Classes must be listed in the following format:  Department, number and section ie.  ABCD 1234-001


  • The University of Texas at Tyler's email policy requires all communication via email must be received from and sent to your UT Tyler student email account. When submitting your online enrollment certification, you must list your UT Tyler student email address to receive a response that it was received. 

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