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Checking Pages in and Out

It is very important that you check pages back in to the server when you are finished so other users in your area can edit those pages.

By default, when you log into OU Campus and start editing a page, the page is checked out to you. If someone else is editing that page, the page is checked out to that user. If that user forgot to check the page back in, you will not be able to edit the page.

Instead, you will receive a message informing you that the page is already checked out. You can click on the user name and send this user a message asking them to check the page back in.

Once you publish a page, it checks back in to the server.  But while you are on the staging server making changes and adding to the page, it stays checked out to you until you check it back in.

If you work on a page, but do not publish it, you must check the page back in before logging out of OU Campus.

Checking In the Page

  • Click on the "Content" Tab.
  • If the light bulb is lit up, you have the page checked out.
  • To check it back in, simply click the light bulb. This unchecks the page to you, allowing others to check out the page.

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NOTE: To see all the pages you have checked out, click on the "Dashboard" Tab and click “Current Projects.” You can also check pages back in from this screen by clicking on the light bulb.

Checking Out the Page

(Again, when you enter OU Campus from the Web page you want to edit, you will be checking that page out.)

If you are already working in OU Campus and want to check an additional page out, click on the "Content" tab.

Then, click on the name of the file you wish to edit and make your changes.

OR, click on the light bulb (it lights up). You now have that page checked out.

The Red Lock

If someone else has this page checked out, it will have a red lock on it. You can hover over the lock to see who has the page checked out from this view as well.