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Creating and Optimizing PDFs

Creating PDF documents in Word

  1. Open your document in Word.
  2. Select "Save As", then click "PDF", oepn the newly created PDF.
  3. For Search Engine Optimization, is it IMPORTANT to Insert the appropriate tags:
  4. Select "File", Properties and insert the proper: 
    1. Title Tag
    2. Subject
    3. Keywords

Always use text-based PDFs

Search engines understand text. Building PDFs with plain text instead of the form of pictures allows for SEO and accessibility. 

To check for accessible text-based content in your PDF, make sure the words are basic copy-and-paste text.

Set an SEO friendly filename (url)

The filename will become part of the URL (web address). by naming the file appropriately.
Also see the UT Tyler guidelines for naming files.

Set your title in the document properties

The title tag is a huge ranking factor for search engines. Use the "Properties" function to include the appropriate title tag along with subject and keywords.

For more information, see: