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Certificate and Certification Preparation Programs

Enhance Your Career Skills With Specialized Training

UT Tyler offers several post-baccalaureate certificate programs. These programs are not part of a degree; however, coursework may be counted toward a degree with the approval of the college in which they are housed. We also offer a number of initial certifications for educators.

Certificate programs are narrower in their focus than degrees and provide preparation in a specific field. The certificate is not the equivalent of a license or certification required for practice in the professions or to teach.

Certificate Application Instructions

Post-Baccalaureate Certifications

ONLINE: Principal and Superintendent - Certificates are offered through the Department of Educational Leadership. These certificates are designed to prepare Texas public school teachers to become principals and/or superintendents. You must already hold a master's degree to apply to these certificate programs. Not eligible for financial aid.

STEP Teacher Certification - The STEP program is a 13-month online program designed to meet the needs of people who hold a bachelor's degree and want to receive a teacher certification without relocating or taking physical classes. The program begins in June each year and ends in July the following year. Not eligible for financial aid.

The Educational Diagnostician Certificate requires a valid Texas teaching certificate, two years of classroom teaching experience, an earned master's degree, and successful completion of the TExES examination for certification. Emphasis in educational diagnosis provides the student with the opportunity to assess the competencies of individuals in language, sociological , physical, and behavioral/emotional areas, intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, and educational performance using informal and formal measures, and prescribe individualized education plans based on test results. Not eligible for financial aid.

Nursing Education Certificate prepares the nurse to apply teaching-learning theory, principles of curriculum development, evaluation methodology, and role socialization as a nurse educator in a variety of settings. The program is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills required by nurse educators and facilitate the transition of the nurse from the clinical setting into the role of nurse educator. Not eligible for financial aid.

Nurse Practitioner Certificate - The Post-Family Nurse Practitioner option is 24 semester credit hours in length. Although not totally online, 6 of these hours are offered online with the remainder 18 hours of clinical courses offered in a web-enhanced format requiring some class time on the Tyler campus. Eligible for financial aid.

Nursing Administration Certificate - This online program is designed for students with a masters degree in nursing that are seeking a nursing administration certification. Not eligible for financial aid.

Learn more about the Nursing Courses

Oil, Gas and Energy Accounting Certificate Program - Prepare to provide specialized accounting services in the field of energy through this nine-credit-hour certificate program. Prerequisites include a bachelor's degree (any major) and completion of Intermediate Accounting I.

Organizational Development and Leadership Certification Program - Complete an 18-credit-hour program that prepares you to manage in today’s complex and changing business environment. Graduate classes can later be transferred to an MBA program. Not eligible for financial aid.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate program prepares students with the knowledge and tools that they can use to lead quality improvement initiatives in companies, thereby, reducing waste and becoming more efficient. These efforts have allowed companies to become more competitive and successfully compete in global markets. The City of Tyler reports a savings of $5 million from the Lean Six Sigma Program.

Credits earned in fulfillment of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program may be applied to other graduate degrees in the College of Business and Technology with advisor approval. The following five courses must be completed with a grade of C or better while maintaining a minimum grade point average of 3.0. In addition, a student must pass a comprehensive exam pertaining to the lean six sigma black belt curriculum.

  • TECH 5310: Six Sigma Quality
  • TECH 5320: Total Quality Management
  • TECH 5335: Lean Management
  • TECH 5366: Value Stream Management
  • TECH 5390: Advanced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Technique

Learn more about each course. Not eligible for financial aid.

Supply Chain Management Certification Not eligible for financial aid.

Executive Programs

The Executive Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management (EMGE) focuses on the areas of project management, project cost analysis and accounting, management of project monitoring and technology, project leadership and planning, and project optimization through management systems. This course of study is designed to 1) provide experienced engineers, architects and project/construction managers with rigorous study in the current tools for project management 2) train certificate recipients for positions in upper management within firms providing these type of services and/or 3) provide professional competencies for private and public sector employment. Not eligible for financial aid.

The Executive Certificate in Nursing Informatics Program (ENIF) will advance your skills in data and information management, and enhance your capabilities in information processing with new tools and technology as they unfold. Prepare to meet the growing demands for nursing informaticists by integrating nursing science with information science and computer science. Learn to design and manage data systems that support nursing practice, administration, education and research. Not eligible for financial aid.


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