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UT Tyler Math

Department of Mathematics

UT Tyler College of Arts and Sciences

A mathematics degree from The University of Texas at Tyler will give you a firm foundation to pursue advanced studies or begin a career in education or a scientific or business field for which mathematics is essential.

The UT Tyler Department of Mathematics offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs, including:

In UT Tyler undergraduate mathematics, you will gain knowledge and skills for which mathematics majors are prized in business and industry. You will learn to appreciate the artistic nature of mathematics, solve problems analytically, and think logically, through exposure to specific mathematical content and participation in creative processes and independent research.

Graduates of the program are employed in a wide range of careers, from education to computer science, engineering, biotechnology and cryptography. Mathematics is also a great major for pre-med and pre-law students. Mathematics majors often score at the top on the MCAT exam.

UT Tyler graduate mathematics is a well-rounded and rigorous program, providing excellent preparation for PhD-level studies and advanced training for careers.

The UT Tyler mathematics department is located on the fourth floor of the Ratliff Building North (RBN). This modern facility includes an open access computer lab, a tutoring area, a student lounge, and excellent classroom spaces.