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Meals and Lodging

Office of Financial Services

Meal and Lodging Rates (Comptroller's Website)
For Texas locations not found on the website above, use $93 lodging rate and $51 meals rate.

NOTE: A state employee may claim less than the maximum meal reimbursement rate for a duty point and use the amount of the reduction to increase the maximum lodging reimbursement rate for the duty point. This is allowable for in-state and out-of-state travel.

Example: Gloria is a state employee who is planning to travel to Florida for a business meeting. The maximum lodging rate for Florida at the time is $100 per day and the maximum meal reimbursement rate is $45 per day. Gloria finds a hotel very close to where her business meeting is being held, but the hotel charges $110 per night. Gloria decides that she would like to reduce her meal reimbursement from $45 to $35 so that she can use the $10 reduction to stay in the convenient hotel.


  • Meals are reimbursable up to the daily maximum set forth by the comptroller, not to exceed actual expenses. The travel reimbursement rate is not a per diem. Receipts are not required.
  • Meals are only reimbursed for overnight travel.


  • Lodging is reimbursable up to the daily maximum set forth by the comptroller per night and is limited to actual expenses based on receipts.
  • For in-state travel, a Texas Hotel Exemption Certificate must be provided to the lodging establishment at check-in.
  • For employees sharing a room: Each employee must submit a travel voucher for reimbursement of his or her share. The lodging establishment will split the bill if the request is made at the time of the room reservation.
  • Travelers can use state comptroller Contracted Hotels or a hotel of choice as long as the lodging rates comply with state comptroller lodging rate guidelines. Management encourages the use of discounted rates available through the State Purchasing Website.
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