Broaden Career Options With a Global Focus

Global Awareness Through Education (GATE) is a two-year program designed for incoming freshmen interested in a globally-focused, culturally diverse education. GATE offers internationally-infused core curriculum classes, cultural activities and service opportunities. The program culminates in a five-week study abroad experience the summer after a student's sophomore year.

  • Travel with your GATE class to a distant country during the summer following your sophomore year. In 2013, GATE students visited Japan, completing two courses taught by UT Tyler instructors at Shimane University and visiting such famous locations as the Tokyo National Museum, Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum and Byodo-in Temple.
  • In 2014, GATE students visited Brazil and Argentina, completing a speech and a history class taught by UT Tyler professors while in Buenos Aires.
  • In 2015, GATE students went to Italy, completing an art history class and a world literature class while in Florence.
  • In 2016 GATE will travel to Ghana and in 2017 GATE will travel to Vietnam.

Graduates of the GATE program will be well equipped for international service in their careers. The program broadens students' perspective and enhances the value of any degree. Potential employers include the Peace Corps, church missions and international corporations.

Important Dates

  • AUG25

    International Student Orientation

    UC Ballroom 8:30

  • AUG27

    Library Closed


  • AUG27


    UC Ballroom 6 p.m.

  • AUG28

    Patriot Palooza

    Campus Wide

  • AUG28

    Brunch & Budgeting

    Patriot Zone 11 a.m.

GATE Faculty

  • Outstanding Educators. Internationally Experienced.

    Study with professors who are respected for their teaching ability, including earning such distinctions as the Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award.

    Learn from instructors who are seasoned international travelers and educators, thoroughly familiar with the cultures of nations students will visit for their five-week international experience.

    Join a small group of students who will be mentored by international scholars who are serving as GATE professors.

More Information

  • International Locations

    GATE students will travel to an international location for an extraordinary five-week study abroad experience the summer after their sophomore year. 



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UT Tyler - Around Campus

Two-Years Preparing for a Global-Ready Career

Take two courses per semester in a globally enhanced curriculum. Complete the GATE program in two years.

Attend special on-campus cultural activities such as a global lecture series, international film festival and concerts. Travel with other GATE students to off-campus cultural activities across Texas. 

Be part of a small, eclectic group of students who share an interest in internationally focused studies and the value of study abroad.

Gain a deeper understanding of the world and its diverse people.


Career Outlook

UT Tyler

Career Outlook for GATE Graduates

Many corporate executives say international educational experience can give job seekers an extra edge, especially in today's tight market. Executives who themselves have benefited from international training during their college years believe global experience gives students an appreciation for other cultures that can be gained in few other ways.

Whether you major in marketing, finance, engineering, nursing or any other field, an international component to your education and degree will be a lifelong asset as you enter the job market and throughout your career.