Financial Support

Graduate Assistantships

Many graduate programs provide a limited number of graduate assistantships to qualified students. These positions include Teaching Assistants (GTA) and Research Assistants (GRA). Students must contact the department to learn about available assistantships.

Graduate Assistantship Policy

Tuition Remission: Under Texas law a TEACHING or RESEARCH ASSISTANT is only required to pay in-state tuition and fees if 1) the student is enrolled for a minimum of 9 hrs. per semester and 2) is employed at least one-half time (19.5 hrs./week) in a teaching or research assistant position that relates directly to the student's degree program.

Eligible GTAs and GRAs do not have to apply for this tuition remission; instead each will have the appropriate amount credited to his/her fee statement, based on registration and information provided by the employing department