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Email Encryption Tools

Tools for encrypting files for e-mail

In the event that you have a legitimate business need to send confidential information in an email, the Information Security Department recommends using Sharefile to encrypt the files containing the information. 

How to Use Sharefile to Encrypt an Email

To encrypt an email containing sensitive information, logon to ShareFile at uttyler.sharefile.com. You will click "Sign In" under "Company Employee Sign In", and use your e-mail address and password to login.

Email Encryption 1

Click "Share Files" from the Shortcuts menu on the right.

Email Encryption 2

Click the "Email with ShareFile" button to compose an e-mail.

Email Encryption 3

Compose your email as you normally would, and use the drag and drop window to attach any files you need to send. To turn on encryption, click the "Edit Message Options" button.

Email Encryption 4

Check the "Encrypt Email" checkbox to turn on encryption.

Email Encryption 5

You also have several other options you can turn on in this area, such as notifications, permissions recipients have, expiration dates for the share, or how many times the recipient can access the file. When finished, click Done and you can send your email securely.





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