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UT Tyler Brand Identity

Registered Trademarks, Licensing, Logo Requests, Taglines and More

UT Tyler Logos and Registered Word Marks The official logos and the name of The University of Texas at Tyler are trademarked and each use must be approved to ensure compliance with UT System and university policies. They are referred to as the registered marks.

Approving agencies are UT Trademark Licensing (all merchandise/products) and the Office of Marketing and Communications (all printing/Web).

The UT Tyler logo may only appear in orange or white. The official Pantone color for the orange is PMS 159. Do not use a tint or use a percentage of the PMS 159. Any other color is not allowed.

The Patriot athletic logo may appear in three colors (PMS 159, PMS 281 and white) or white. No other colors are permissible.

Logos should not be altered in any way such as adding drop shadows, color changes, etc.

Merchandise and products – anything that is made for the university and bears the name and/or logo – should be ordered through licensed vendors who are authorized to use the registered marks. Vendors who are not licensed (through Strategic Marketing Affiliates) may be authorized to use the registered marks one time before becoming licensed. If they do not comply with the request to become licensed, they will not be authorized again – i.e., that vendor can no longer be used to produce merchandise bearing the name and/or logos of UT Tyler.

An internal request form and a proof of the product design must be submitted for every order bearing the UT Tyler registered marks. The sections highlighted must be completed to ensure accurate processing. Please allow 3 – 7 days for the form and design proof to be reviewed.

Printed Materials
A request for the logos used in printed materials must be made to the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Please submit a final draft of the material, prior to printing, and indicate where the logo will be used. If approved, a file of the logo will be sent to you.

To ensure appropriate reproduction quality in printing, you must use a file provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Logos copied from the website or scanned from other publications will not work and are not permitted.

The official tagline is “Creating Solutions” and is intended for the vast majority of all publications and promotions. Its meaning refers to the fact that UT Tyler is meeting the local and global needs through its outstanding educational opportunities. UT Tyler students are more than adequately prepared to address the many challenges faced today and tomorrow.

The university and its students are creating solutions.

The taglines can, but do not have to, appear with the logo; however, they MUST be in the same vicinity as the logo.

The approved seal of The University of Texas at Tyler is used only at the discretion of the Office of the President for official occasions and documents. It is not available for any other use unless approved for such.

All other uses should include the UT Tyler logo.

Departmental/Program Identity
The only sanctioned logotype is the UT Tyler logo.

Departments, divisions, sections, units, offices, centers and services are represented only by their names in type. No other logo can be developed to distinguish a unit.

All departments and programs use only the UT Tyler letterhead, envelopes, business cards and other stationery items. Department or program names are in black Times Roman type beneath the seal.

Envelopes feature department and program names in black Times Roman type beneath the university's return address.

University Name
The correct use for the name of the institution in all printed and web materials is:

The University of Texas at Tyler (correct)
The University of Texas-Tyler (incorrect)
The University of Texas in Tyler (incorrect)
The University of Texas, Tyler (incorrect)
The letter t is always capitalized in the word The, not the University of Texas at Tyler.

The full name is used in first reference. Subsequent references may be abbreviated using:
UT Tyler (correct)
UTT (incorrect)
UT at Tyler (incorrect)
UT-Tyler (incorrect)
UT (incorrect)