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UT Tyler Department of Mathematics

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics is home to 11 tenured or tenure-track faculty, three full-time instructors and other dedicated adjunct faculty, graduate teaching assistants and a full-time administrative assistant. The department is committed to providing students a high quality education through caring faculty and high standards and expectations.

The department is housed in the Ratliff Building North (RBN). The facilities are topnotch, with well-designed classroom spaces, computer facilities and tutoring/study areas. Faculty offices are located close to classrooms to facilitate faculty-student interaction.

Students at UT Tyler, and especially in the Department of Mathematics, are well served by smaller class sizes and a high level of faculty interest in individual student success. Mathematics majors have opportunities to travel with faculty to several regional conferences each year, notably the Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (TUMC) and the annual Spring Meeting of the Texas Section of the MAA.

All mathematics majors interact with a faculty mentor in a capstone senior seminar project, entailing an expository research project, paper and presentation. Several faculty engage in research with undergraduates, as evidenced by the department's history as a location for a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

Faculty members also pursue their own research, either independently or jointly, in topics including set-theoretic topology, applied mathematics, graph theory and combinatorics, group theory, mathematical physics, tiling theory, knot theory, C*-algebras and finite dimensional algebras. The faculty are encouraged to publish regularly, and recent publications of members of the department are on display in the fourth-floor atrium of RBN.

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