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F-2 Dependents

An F-1 student in valid status may request that a spouse and/or children come to the US as F-2 dependents.

General Information

  • F-2 visas are limited to spouses and children
  • F-2 dependents may not work in the US.
  • F-2 children are allowed to attend US public schools (Kindergarten-12th grade).
  • An F-2's status is dependent on the F-1. If the F-1 loses status or leaves the US, the F-2 status also ends.
  • F-2 children lose their F-2 status when they marry or reach 21 years of age. If the F-2 child wants to remain in the US, he or she should apply for an independent status prior to the end of the F-2 status.


  • If a spouse and/or children will be entering the United States as dependents of a student in F-1 status:
    • Provide proof of additional financial support on the Certification of Financial Responsibility.
    • Provide copies of passports for all parties to be listed as F-2 dependents.
    • If marriage occurs after initial I-20 has been issued, provide copy of marriage certificate.
    • Student in F-1 status signs all dependent I-20's.
    • There is no additional SEVIS fee charged.

If approved for the visa, the F-2 dependents may join the F-1 student for part or all of the F-1's stay (with exception of adult F-2 children mentioned above).

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