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× Reminder: Fall 2018 Waiver Period is July 2 to September 1. AHP will not accept any new waiver applications after September 1.

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By mandate of the UT System Board of Regents, any international student attending a UT System campus on a non-immigrant student visa is required to be continuously enrolled in a PPACA-compliant health insurance plan throughout the duration of their studies as a condition of their continued enrollment.

  • If you are an F-1 or J-1 UT Tyler student, enrollment in UT-SHIP is automatic upon course registration. A waiver may be granted if you have comparable coverage; however, the Waiver Process must be followed in a timely manner.

Visiting scholars, faculty and student delegations are also required to have continuous medical insurance coverage which meets or exceeds PPACA standards. If you are a J-1 scholar or faculty, you may enroll in UT-SHIP or a comparable medical insurance plan, provided it meets additional J-1 visa requirements.

  • J-1 scholars/faculty may submit proof of comparable non-UT-SHIP insurance coverage which meets J-1 visa requirements to their J-1 advisor no later than 7 days after their program start date.

Visit the pages in the menu bar above for further details about each topic. If you have a concern which is not addressed by these pages, or if you think you've been mistakenly charged for UT-SHIP insurance, please email the international insurance advisor with a clear description of your problem. 

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