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Personal Training

Receive one-on-one training to take a step closer to better health and a better you. Work with our certified personal trainers and receive a personal assessment, your own resistance program, cardiovascular program or any program that specifically works for you. You can build a stronger body for everyday events, lose some extra inches or pounds, and lead a healthier and longer life. Sometimes, all of us need that extra push and motivation.

Assessment Session

1 hr & Results Session 15-30 min

For an assessment session, the member needs to be prepared to workout with proper attire. We will be performing several test and assessments to help us assess your needs better. You will be asked a series of questions to see if you are physically suited to perform the assessment. When this session is over, we will calculate your results and set up a personalized workout for you and your goals. You will have to set up an additional meeting to go over your results, goals and personalized workout.

*All initial personal training clients will have to complete an assessment session prior to starting their personal training sessions. This session will be considered their first training session in any package they may have purchased.

Personal Training Sessions

$35/1 Session or $150/5 Sessions or $250/10 Sessions

You will work directly and personally with a trainer. The trainer is there for motivation, discipline, variety and safety. A personal trainer will push you beyond your personal threshold to help you reach your goals. The trainer will also add variety to your personal workout to make it fun and exciting. If you need that extra push to hold you accountable, a personal trainer will be there and keep you on your toes.

Appointments can be made by contacting the HPC office.

Personal Training Coordinator: Bob Hepler

Personal Trainers: Calvin Stubblefield, Kyle Cook and Ryann Martin

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