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Office of the Registrar

Incomplete Courses

If a student, because of extenuating circumstances, is unable to complete all of the requirements for a course by the end of the semester, then the instructor may recommend an incomplete ("I") for the course. The student and the instructor must submit an Incomplete Form detailing the work required and the time by which the work must be completed to their respective department chair or college dean for approval. The time limit established must not exceed one year for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Should the student fail to complete all of the work for the course within the time limit, then the instructor may assign zeros to the unfinished work, compute the course average for the student, and assign the appropriate grade.

If a grade has not been assigned within the time limit, then the incomplete will be automatically changed to an "F". The semester credit hours for an incomplete that has not yet been changed to a final grade will not be used to calculate the grade point average for a student.

Note: If an incomplete lapses to an "F," lowering a student's grade point average, academic standing may be adversely affected.


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