IRB Training Modules

Office of Research and Technology Transfer

Welcome to the training page for the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The following testing modules are required for all Principal Investigators (PI), Co-Investigators (Co-PI), and students before any IRB submissions are approved.


Each module will have a training slide show, which can be viewed online or downloaded, along with a link to the corresponding test. The tests are administered online and you will receive your grade after submission. If you have questions regarding the test, please contact your PI or Dr. Gloria Duke

Training Modules

Module 1: Historical and Ethical Issues
Module 2: The Basics
Module 3: Vulnerable Research Populations
Module 4: Informed consent
Module 5: HIPAA
Module 6: IRB Review
Module 7: Ongoing Protections Post IRB Approval
Module 8: International Research IRB Approval