Student Government Association


To address a concern related to your college, on-campus housing or UT Tyler in general, please contact one of your SGA representatives.

Fall 2015 Senators

College of Arts and Sciences Seats


Hanna Jumper -

Maggie Mahfood -

College of Business and Technology Seats

Shawn Rogers -

Sherdil Sehgal -

Samah Khan -

College of Education and Psychology Seats

Open Seat

Open Seat

Open Seat

College of Engineering and Computer Science Seats

Riley Williams -

Open Seat

Open Seat

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Seats

Alex Medina -

Devyn Martin -

Tori Musngi -

College of PharamacySeats

Shelby Adams -

Zachary Billings -

Garrett Guy -

Freshman Senators Seats

Hannah Mahfood -

Alexander Schultz -

Adriana Alegria -

Omid Abaei -


Student Body at Large Seats

Joshua Bradley -

Nathan Baber -

Todd Martinez -

Ciara Andrews -

Deborah Olushina -

Hannah Shipley -

Ashley Yen -

Jared Miller -

Joseph Byrum -

Christian Hernandez -

Eagle's Landing Seats

Carina Hernandez -

Preston Templeman -

Patriot Village Seats

Anita Ghamarian -

Rimsha Syed -

University Pines Seats

Courtney Sanchez

Austin Davis

Ornelas Hall

Sarah Freshour -

Dillon Luna -

Longview Campus Seats

Heidi Leveritt -

Julie Chacon -

Houston Campus Seats

Daniel Louvier -


Palestine Campus

Robert Shelton -


Graduate Class Seats

Christina Tuell -

Oluwafemi Balogun -


Dr. Howard Patterson -

Joshua Neaves -