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Assets are reusable content such as text, images, media, code blocks, links, etc. Reusable content is convenient when working with multiple files that require the same information.

Assets are used on the UT Tyler site to assist with duplicated, reusable content. As reusable content is updated in one file, Assets allow users to easily change an item that is used on several pages. Once an Asset is updated and published, all the pages using the Asset will also be updated and published.

To request an Asset for your department, or Access to an existing asset, contact the UT Tyler Web Team.

Working with Assets

  1. While in the WYSIWYG Editor, place the cursor where the Asset will be entered.

    Then find and click on the Asset Manager icon in the toolbar.
  2. After clicking the icon, an Asset selection screen will appear.

  3. Select "new-site". You will then see a list of all Assets to the left, and a window to preview the Assets will be on the right. Scroll through the Asset window to select the asset you wish to add. You will see the Asset in the window to the right.

    Once you select the Asset, Press the "Select Asset" button.

The Asset will be entered into the page where the cursor was placed. If the Asset is a "Text Only Asset", or a "Web Content Asset" with no block level HTML code (such as p or div tags), the Asset will preview with the content inside of a wrapper:

If the Asset is a "Web Content Asset" with block level HTML code, a "Source Code Asset", or an "Image Gallery Asset", it cannot be previewed in the WYSIWYG Editor, but it will still have a wrapper:

Note that even though the Asset is not displayed in the WYSIWYG Editor, it will still render in the page preview. However, "Source Code Assets" will not render with preview.

Warning: Currently, if an Asset entered as the last element into the WYSIWYG Editor, it will cause the mouse cursor to be trapped. This disables editing beyond the Asset. To prevent this, make sure there are spaces before and after the desired Asset location.

After the Asset is entered and page updates completed, save the page and publish as normal.

NOTE: There are many Assets being added to the UT Tyler Assets folder. If you find you need an Asset added, please contact the UT Tyler Web Team.

For more details, see Inserting Assets documentation.