OU Campus Training and Support

Editing Pages

  • In your Web browser, navigate to the page they wish to edit within your directory.
  • Log in from the the OU Campus Login button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the GREEN edit button in the body of the page.
  • Once you click on the edit button (green edit box), OU Campus will bring up the editor.

(NOTE: Users are authorized to edit the main content sections of their department page. The navigation section (left-side, header and foot) are updated by the UT Tyler Web team.

(select image for larger view)

  • To expand the navigation in edit mode, select the expand navigation button in the upper left corner (see below). You will see all the files and sub-directories in your account directory.

The format of the page is set up for you including the font. Building and editing your page according to the UT Tyler Web Guidelines in OU Campus is simple if you follow these steps.

UT Tyler content layout guidelines:

  • Always use H1 and H2 titles only at the top of each page.
  • Keep all text left-aligned.
  • The template font is preset. To reset page font, highlight content, select "format", "remove formatting". Bold font or italicized should be used sparingly.
  • Use the "Bold" tag to for additional content headings of paragraphs if needed.
  • Avoid erroneous HTML code into the HTML editor. (avoid <span> and <div> tags).
  • Remove extra spacing between paragraphs.
  • Avoid ALL CAPS.
  • Use (call to action links) text links to link back to other pages or outside links.
  • Save your page often as you are working within your content.

(Also see best practices.)

Example below of proper page layout.

Compare your content to other top-level UT Tyler pages. Do they look similar? Remember, the UT Tyler Web Team is happy to assist you with editing content.

NOTE: If you see "You do not have permission to access this directory", you may

  1. Be in the incorrect directory
  2. Need to contact the UT Tyler Web Team for access.