OU Campus Training and Standards

Editing/Building a Faculty Page

Version 10 information for Faculty pages will be available soon.

To edit a faculty page, log in to the page by selecting the OU Campus Log-In button at the bottom of the page:

Next, select the ORANGE Multi Edit button at the top of the page.

Next, you are taken to the Edit Form for the faculty page.

You can make your edits to the page within the boxes. Once you are complete, send your page to be published.

NOTE: after you select "SAVE", to make additional edits, select "edit", then the orange "Multi Edit" button. If you select any of the other edit buttons, you are in the WRONG place.

NOTE: To add a link to a CV, you must FIRST upload the document. See Uploading and Replacing files, and also Adding Hyperlinks on the Uploading files instruction page:

Building a Faculty Page

To build a faculty page, you will go to "content" view, select "new". From your template selections, you will select the "new faculty page" template:

From here, you will fill out all of the boxes. The first box will help your page pull up in the search engines, so choose your words carfully.
HINT: Open a second browser, view a faculty page and fill out the information as you see it on the page. Heading should be the department name: "UT Tyler Department of Biology". To name your page, be consistent with the other department faculty pages.
If you have any questions, contact web@uttyler.edu and we will assist you with building your first faculty page.