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Left-Side Navigation

Also known as the Menu Bar.

Department website left-side navigation (including bread-crumbs and contact information) is updated by the OU Campus administrators (UT Tyler Web team). ALL navigation updates, contact updates and breadcrumb updates are to be send to web@uttyler.edu. (Please do not attempt to open the file or edit the file in OU Campus. The left-side menu is sensitive and the code can easily break. The contact us style should not be altered).

To request an update, email the following information to web@uttyler.edu:

  • The link you wish to have added.
  • What you wish for the link to be called.
  • Where you would like the link to be added.

If you are requesting an update to contact information or breadcrumb information, email your request to the Web team.

Users with Access to Update Left-Side Menu Bar

NOTE: Users who have been given access to update the left-side navigation are taking full responsibility for correctly updating the menu bar and correcting any errors that occur during updates!


The sub-nav.html file can easily pick up extra HTML that will cause the file to break (no longer appear on your web pages, extra content, etc.) as seen below. Always check the left-side menu updates prior to publishing by opening the index.pcf file in OU Campus and checking the menu bar.

If your menu bar appears like the image above, or the content is not behaving properly, you can (1) reverting the page back to the previous version and re-publish, or (2) use the information below to find and correct errors.

Detailed Steps

Reverting the Page:

  1. To revert the page back to the previous version, follow the steps on the Revert Overview page.
  2. Once the page is reverted, the file can once again be updated. Note the information below to correct the left-side navigation from disappearing.

NOTE: Upon opening the sub-nav.html file, please ignore this error message:

Correcting Menu Bar Errors:

  1. Navigate to the /includes folder and open "sub-nav.html".
  2. From within the WYSIWYG editor, open the "Edit HTML Source"
  3. From here, remove any extra tags at the TOP and the BOTTOM of the code.
    1. Check for the <ul> tag at the very top of the page. This tag should be removed.
    2. Check for ANY < /br> anywhere within the code.
      1. This tag will cause extra space within the links and are not needed.
      ALL of these tags need to be removed.
    3. Remove < /ul> at the bottom of the page.
      1. NOTE: Removing the <ul> tags within the code will remove the drop-down menu. Be careful not to remove these tags.


If these steps have not corrected the problem, please email web@uttyler.edu with details.The web team will revert the menu bar back to the original content. All requests will be scheduled into the web team work schedule.

Contact Us:

The Contact Us section should remain consistent with the UT Tyler template. Edits that alter this section will be reverted back to the original content by the web team.