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Logging in / Logging Out

Logging In to OU Campus

  1. From your browser, navigate to your department’s website and browse to the page you want to edit.
  2. In the lower‐right corner of the page is a copyright symbol (see Figure 1 below). Click it. You will be taken to the OU Campus login page.

  3. Log in with your UTTyler (formerly INFO) domain credentials username and password. (NOTE: This is the same information you log in to your with computer each day.)
    If you do not have the rights to edit the page you will receive an "access denied" error message.

    (When you change your UTTYLER domain password, it will also change for your OU Campus login.)
  4. You are now logged in to OU Campus to update your page.

  5. The Login page will display important information regarding OU Campus including system status. Please review updates on the page regularly.

OU Campus Password

Your OU Campus user name and password are your UTTYLER Domain credentials. (The same log-in ID and password you log in to your computer each day).

If you change your UTTYLER Domain password, you will use the new password when logging in to OU Campus.

Keep in mind, OU Campus will lock your account after three log-in attempts. To unlock your account, email web@uttyler.edu.

To reset your password, contact itsupport@uttyler.edu. (Do NOT select the "change password" on the OU Campus screen, this will not re-set your password.)

Logging Out of OU Campus

When you have completed your work on your web page in OU Campus, follow these steps to log out.

Content contributors can log out from the global naviation bar.

  • CHECK IN any files that are checked out to you.
  • Hover over your user name.

Choose Logout from the menu.

For more details, see OU Log In Overview documentation.

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