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New Section or New Folder

Users with permissions can create a new content-based subdirectory. The new section contains all the necessary files to make pages within the new directory. (NOTE: Creating a "New Folder" does not create new default files and cannot be used for sub-sections.)

Example: Audit Services may have different sub-directories like payroll and accounting.

The url would be something like this:

To Create a New Section

  1. Navigate to the directory where the new section will be created by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar.

  2. Click the New button from within the folder structure, or use the drop-down menu.

From the drop-down, select "New Web Folder" to create a standard two-column template.

  • Fill out each field carefully
  • Near the bottom, if you have social links, select "yes". If not, select "no".
  • Select "Create", allow enough time for the folder and files to create.
  • Once you see the index.pcf file, you are ready to edit.

Contact web@uttyler.edu to add the folder to the left-side menu and also finalize the image rotator (or remove the main image) for the folder.

For additional information, see OU Creating a New Section documentation.

Creating a New Folder for Files

Your website directory SHOULD contain a "files" or "documents" folder to hold your PDFs and other documents. Following are instructions to create an additional folder to hold files.

These folders are NOT used for building web pages OR storing images, but for storing PDF files and other documents. The images for each directory are located at /images/users/yourdirectoryname.

To create a new folder, follow the instructions above, but select "Create New Folder".

REMEMBER, Only use this folder to store files, NOT images. Users cannot build web pages within this folder.

For additional information, see OU Creating a New Folder documentation.