OU Campus Training and Support


Your OU Campus user name and password is your UTTYLER Domain credentials (formerly INFO Domain). (The same log-in ID and password you log in to your computer each day). NOTE: INFO Domain and LDAP are the SAME Thing.

If you change your UTTYLER Domain password, make sure you use the new password when logging in to OU Campus.

Keep in mind, OU Campus will lock your account after three log-in attempts. To unlock your account, email web@uttyler.edu.

To reset your password, view instructions on the IT Website. (Do NOT select the "change password" on the OU Campus screen, this will not re-set your password.)

If you have questions, please e-mail web@uttyler.edu.

NOTE: NEVER share your Login Credentials with ANYONE. Your OU Campus Login is your UTTYLER Domain credentials and is specific for you. Allowing anyone to log in with your credentials or sharing your credentials is against UT System and UT Tyler policy.