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Page Properties Overview

Properties allow a user to modify the metadata which includes the title, description along with the page title and subtitle that display at the top of each page. Properties also accesses parameters for a page, where much of the page layout is included such as rotators or image sliders at the top of the page. 


Every page is required to have a heading and a subheading at the top of each page. These are editable by selecting the "Properties" button.




Accessing Properties

There is several ways to access the Properties settings.

  1. From the JustEdit page editor, check in the page and select "Properties" :
    Properties button

  2. From the Content view, check in the page, mouse over "Edit", select "Properties":

    Edit Properties

  3. From within the JustEdit editor, select the "Gadgets" button, select "Page Parameters":




For additional information, see OU Campus Properties documentation.


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