OU Campus Version 10

Publishing a Page/Send for Review

Send for Review

Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar.

Select a page from the Pages list view and hover over the row. Choose Submit For Approval from the
Publish menu.

Another option, when editing a page, mouse over Publish from the toolbar, select Submit For Approval.

Select the user from the drop-down next to the To field. If an approver has been enforced, the To field
is auto-populated, and there will not be a drop-down available.
4. Fill out the necessary text fields.
5. Optionally, select Send External Email to allow the request for review to be sent to the user's external
email address as included in the user settings. This allows the user to receive an indication that
action is to be completed without having to log into OU Campus. Unchecking this option will only send
the message through the OU Campus system.
6. Click Submit.

NOTE: Please review content after it has been published.

For more details, see Send for Review documentation.

Publishing a Page

Pages and other content within OU Campus are edited on the Omni Update staging server. Pages must be published to the UT Tyler Web server (production) in order to view them on the World Wide Web.

Pages may be published through an approval workflow, or published directly to the Web, depending on user access.

A page may be published in any of three ways:

1. Selecting a publish can be performed from any screen that contains the Page Actions toolbar

2. A checked-out page can be published from the Page List view and hovering over Publish on the row.

3. Multiple pages can be selected for simultaneous publish. Simply check the boxes in front of the pages to be published, and click the Publish option at the top of the page list view.

GOOD TO KNOW: Using the drop-down menu on the right-side of the publish button will give you additional selections such as "Submit for Approval", "Schedule" and "Expire". Play around with these choices in the sandbox to become familiar with how they work.

Final Check should ALWAYS be performed as pages are published. Failure to check pages for broken links, typos, etc. can result in user permission changes.

For more details, see Publish a Page documentation.