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Snippets are pre-formatted HTML and CSS code that can easily be placed into the WYSIWYG editor via selection menus. (for example tables, paragraphs).

The UT Tyler website has added Pulldown Quotes to the Snippets to allow users to add these to pages. More snippets will be added for tables and other content in the future.

  1. To insert a snippet click on the snippets icon in the OU Campus toolbar. The Snippets window will appear allowing you to select a category and/or choose a snippet within existing categories. The snippets window will also allow you to preview the snippet before inserting it into a document.

  2. This example steps you through inserting a Pull-Quote into your page. Select "Quotes", then "Pull-Quote: Right".

    You will see an example of the text in the preview section. However, this is not exactly how the Pull-Quote will appear on your page.

  3. Next, add the content to your page. You will then change the text to the quote you wish to feature on your page.

  4. When you publish your page, you will see the the Pull-Quote on the page.

For more details, see Snippets Overview documentation.