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UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Typography and Fonts

Searchability of text on UT Tyler Web pages is of utmost importance. It is important to develop as much of your page using machine-readable text (.HTML text) as possible. Avoid uploading graphics/images as content for the page. Building machine-readable text pages will aid Google and other search engines in the effective indexing of the content of your pages.


  • The template font is pre-set. Bold font or italicized should be used sparingly.
  • ALL caps and overuse of bold should be avoided along with exclamation marks.
  • Use H1 and H2 headings only at the top of each page. Avoid H2, H3 and H4 tags in content.
  • Bold title tags.
  • Use bold sparingly. Using bold title tags is appropriate.
  • Avoid specifying fixed pixel sizes for your fonts.
  • Keep all text left-aligned.
  • Avoid erroneous HTML code into the HTML editor (avoid <span> and <div> tags).
  • Avoid extra spacing between paragraphs, remove extra space.
  • Use text links to link back to other pages or outside links.

Font Colors

  • The font colors used in the templates are preset. Do not overwrite the colors.

Aligning Text

  • Do not center a paragraph; makes it difficult to read.
  • Do not use the "heading" options to style a paragraph.
  • The default is left-aligned text.

NOTE: It is not acceptable to use Style tags to work around the UT Tyler CSS (Style Sheet).

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