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UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Department Front Page Content

Content for each departmental front page is written for marketing and search engine purposes.

  • Please do not re-write, remove or re-arrange content that has been written by the UT Tyler Web content coordinator. Content is written for marketing and SEO purposes.
  • For updates to your front-page content, email web@uttyler.edu.
  • Additional information for site users is to be placed on the right-side under "More Information."
  • For help with updating the "More Information" section, contact the UT Tyler Web team.

Additional Notes

  • It is best to avoid "mission statements" on the department home page if possible. Mission statements can be worked into the inside sections of your site.
  • Calendar information should be added to the UT Tyler calendar.
    • A calendar widget can be placed on your department page.
    • Contact web@uttyler.edu for information about a calendar widget.
  • Job information should be placed in the UT Tyler faculty section.






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