UT Tyler Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Students in a lecture

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

The UT Tyler Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers outstanding programs to prepare students for advanced studies and successful careers in industry, medicine, government, education, and other fields.

We believe that each student has different interests and passions.  Therefore, students have the option to pursue a chemistry degree that best fits their concentration.  The department offers four bachelor degrees and one master’s degree.  Degree options include:

  • B.S. Chemistry
  • B.S. Biochemistry
  • B.S. Chemistry with Teacher Certification Emphasis
  • B.S. Chemistry with Fermentation Science Emphasis
  • M.S. Chemistry 

The department also offers minors in biochemistry, chemistry, and physics.

Each degree option is approved by the American Chemical Society, allowing you to graduate as an ACS-certified chemist. Graduating from UT Tyler with an ACS-certified degree will prepare you extremely well to work as a chemist, biochemist, teacher, or to enter graduate school.

The university boasts a high acceptance rate (90%) for professional schools. At UT Tyler, you will get a solid foundation to transition seamlessly into a school of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine or other specialized professional program.

Other advantages to studying chemistry and biochemistry at UT Tyler include:

  • Student-centered professors. Our faculty of experts care about each student and are focused on student success.
  • Access to state-of-the-art instruments and facilities, including several teaching and research labs, and computer labs with the latest chemistry software.
  • Excellent opportunities to do research related to your studies in chemistry or biochemistry.
  • Membership in the Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society at UT Tyler, which has been nationally honored by ACS each year for more than a decade.

Students that complete a Chemistry or Biochemistry degree exhibit a number of marketable skills: