UT Tyler Chemistry & Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (ACS-Certified)

Undergraduate Program

The B.S. in biochemistry is a certified degree through the American Chemical Society. Any student completing this degree is recognized as a certified chemist by the ACS.

The program is recommended for students who plan to enter medical, pharmacy, dental or other health-related professional programs. It is also the ideal program for students pursuing professional careers in biochemistry or biotechnology, or graduate school in biochemistry or related field.

Our understanding of life is increasingly at the molecular level. Biochemistry is the study of the chemicals and processes of living things. It is essential to medicine (it is the only branch of chemistry taught in medical schools), drug discovery, and discovery of how life processes are altered by the environment and pathology.

Biochemists are active in careers involving pharmaceutical design and development, the study and treatment of disease, medicinal research, biotechnology, agriculture, biofuels and many other areas that are vital to our modern society.

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