Chemical Engineering

A chemical engineering student, interacting with a chemical reactor

The Jasper Department of Chemical Engineering

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering is the branch of Engineering concerned with the design and operation of chemical processes. Like other Engineering branches, it is strongly based on Physics, Math, and Economics. What distinguishes Chemical Engineering from other Engineering fields is its focus on Chemistry, and in many cases Biology. Because of their knowledge on this wide range of disciples, Chemical Engineers are often referred to as “universal engineers”.

What are the main courses in the Chemical Engineering program?

The basis for Chemical Engineering is the Material and Energy Balances course. Once these tools are learned, students take courses on Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Mas Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Separations, and Process Control. These include lecture-based and laboratory-based courses.

What can I do with a Chemical Engineering degree?

A degree in Chemical Engineering leads to opportunities in many industries: in addition to the Chemical industry, chemical engineers often work in the following industries: Fuels, Food and Consumer Products, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Materials, Design and Construction, Research and Testing, Pulp and Paper, and even Aerospace and Electronics.

What is the Chemical Engineering program at UT Tyler like?

The Chemical Engineering program at UT Tyler was built on strong partnerships with the local industry, providing a practice-based approach to learning. Students in the bachelor of science in chemical engineering degree program at UT Tyler will have the option of pursuing one of four concentrations: 

  • Biochemical engineering manufacturing and production processes;
  • Energy, including petroleum and natural gas production and processing;
  • Environmental contamination and remediation;
  • Materials manufacturing and process design

Our Mission

Train future engineers with problem solving-skills through student-centered education and research, focused on teamwork, professionalism and life-long learning, to address regional, national, and global issues.

Our Vision

The department will be a leader in chemical engineering education through the integration of design in the curriculum. Upon graduation, our students will be able to excel in the global chemical engineering community. We will be a recognized center for innovative chemical engineering research and expertise that meets the needs of industry, government, and society.