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The University of Texas at Tyler offers a number of options that can help you reach your goal of teaching college level or dual credit courses. To teach college-level dual credit classes in the State of Texas, high school teachers must hold a graduate degree (Master's or PhD) and have eighteen graduate hours (six courses) in the teaching field. These credentials are also required to teach at community and junior colleges.

UT Tyler offers on-campus, online, and/or a combination of the two to help you earn your credentials:

Fully or Partially Online Programs:

UT Tyler’s Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is an online, 30 credit hour program for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree and are certified teachers or are instructors at a junior or community college. Content area options include English, History, Political Science, Biology, Art, etc.  The Curriculum & Instruction core courses and English content courses can be completed 100% online. 

The 100% online English MA offers a Milestone in College English Studies. This provides a coherent and rigorous course of study for those pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in English who want to teach English core courses at two-year colleges or dual credit English courses in high schools. The Milestone in College English Studies consists of 18-hours (6 courses) all of which count toward the hours needed to complete a Master of Arts in English (36 hours) at UT Tyler. Course emphasis is on composition, literature, and research and theoretical frameworks for teaching College English.

Our Health Sciences MS is designed to prepare graduates to be effective leaders in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention. This program provides a strong foundation for both professional leadership roles and pursuit of more advanced degrees in the field of health. The department offers a list of recommended courses for students who want to teach Health Sciences courses at two-year colleges or dual-credit Health Sciences courses in high schools. 

On-Campus Graduate Programs Offering Non-Thesis Tracks:

Biology MS (30 hours) The Master of Science in Biology non-thesis program is designed to provide graduate education for students who intend to pursue vocations in teaching. The department offers course work and research in the following general areas: genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, developmental biology, molecular biology, synthetic biology, microbiology, insect biology, conservation biology, and ecology.

Communication MA (36 hours) The Department of Communication offers the Master of Arts in Communication degree. This communication degree provides academic preparation for those pursuing professional careers in speech communication, teaching, and journalism, and will develop critical understanding of communication, aesthetics and cultural education.

History MA (36 hours) The Master of Arts degree in history emphasizes instruction in the following areas: (1) European History; (2) United States History; and (3) World History. The non-thesis track is designed for students who wish to pursue elementary, secondary, or junior college teaching careers.


  • Financial Support is available to students in degree programs.
  • If you already hold a master’s degree, you may be able to apply as a non-degree seeking student to earn just the 18 hours needed in your content area. Please note that non-degree seeking students are not eligible for scholarships or financial aid, and may need special permission to take classes. 
  • Hiring decisions are the purview of the institution where you would like to teach.  For information on hiring requirements at a particular institution, contact that institution. SACSCOC-accredited Institutions are required to document and justify that each faculty member is qualified to teach assigned courses.  When the qualifying credential aligns with the courses being taught, no justification is normally required as the credential speaks for itself, e.g. MA. in English teaching English. However, if the master's is in Business Administration and the faculty member is teaching Accounting, then a written justification is normally necessary. Again, before taking classes always check with the institution where you are interested in teaching - each institution can have different interpretations and policies.


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