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Health & Documentation Requirements

The following table outlines a summary of all the health and documentation requirements you must complete if you are admitted to the program.  Most of these items can be completed in advance before you apply (highly recommended) as there is no time limit on how recent the vaccines must have been administered (excluding Tdap and Flu), proof of a vaccination series from childhood is acceptable.  There are some time sensitive items that must only be completed once you been admitted to the program.  These are listed under "Post-Admission" in the table.

You do not need to submit these items to your academic advisor.  Create a physical or digital folder and store the records together until you have been admitted and are given further instructions regarding your CastleBranch account.  Full details and requirements for each health requirement is outlined in the Health Information Guidelines and the School of Nursing Policies which you can access using the links below:

These items can be completed before you apply

Hepatitis B
You must submit a blood titer that is positive for immunity to Hepatitis B.  If results are negative or equivocal, additional doses of the vaccine are required.
ALERT:  This requirement can take up to sevenmonths to complete so it's important that you start this early!
Mumps, Measles, Rubella (MMR)
You must submit proof of two (2) doses of vaccine (at least 1 month apart) OR submit proof of positive IgG titers for all 3 components.
Submit proof of two (2) doses of vaccine (at least 1 month apart) OR submit proof of a positive IgG titer OR submit documented history of varicella or herpes zoster.
Depending on the semester you are enrolling the Flu vaccine is required 'during flu season' and is required annually thereafter before October 31.
Submit proof of at least one (1) dose of J&J Jansen OR two (2) doses of Pfizer, Moderna or Novavax original monovalent version OR one (1) dose of the new Pfizer or Moderna bivalent version OR receive approval of medical or religious exemption.
Submit proof of a BLS course designed for healthcare providers.  Must be issued by American Heart Association (AHA) OR American Red Cross (ARC).  See policy for details.  Current certification required; renewal based on date on card.
Health Insurance
Submit proof of current health insurance coverage. If the name on the card is not your name, you must include proof that you are covered under that insurance plan.  A student health insurance policy is made available to students at their own expense. 
Click her for additional information.


These items should not be completed until after you have been admitted.

Tuberculosis (Tb) Screening
Submit proof of a negative two-step Tb skin test.  A skin test is placed with results read (48-72 hours later).  Two-step means this process must be performed twice, at least 1 week and no more than 12 months apart OR submit a single negative blood assay test.  See Health Information Guidelines if you have a prior or new positive result or you are an international student.
Note:  Obtain Tb test before or the same day as any vaccines otherwise you must wait 1 month after receiving a vaccine to do a Tb test.
Drug Screening
Must have a negative drug screening.  Instructions will be available to students within 24 hours of purchasing your CastleBranch package.
Texas Board of Nursing Background Check
Submit proof of a Texas Board of Nursing (BON) Blue Card or an outcome letter that proves eligibility for licensure and the criminal background check is completed.
Student Guide
Go to:  https://www.uttyler.edu/nursing/college/student_guide_and_policies.php
Review the guide located at the top of the webpage then print and sign the UG Acceptance Affirmation Form located under Appendices/Forms as item 9.7



Blood Titer -- An antibody titer is a blood test that measures the number of antibodies in your blood. This determines if you have immunity to the disease. When having a titer drawn, results must be IgG (not IgM) and they must include the result and the reference range.
Vaccine -- A vaccine is a substance used to stimulate immunity to a particular infectious or malignant disease. 
Two-Step Skin Test -- A two-step skin test means that the skin test (placement and reading) steps are completed twice at least one week apart and no longer than 12 months apart.
Texas Board of Nursing -- The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is a regulatory body that oversees the practice of nursing in the state of Texas. The BON typically approves and oversees schools of nursing and handles all aspects of nurse licensure within the state.
IdentoGo -- IdentoGo is a company utilized by the Texas Board of Nursing to capture student’s fingerprints for the Bon background check process.


University Health Clinic

Most of the items required are services that are provided by the University Campus Clinic. You need to bring your UT Tyler student ID with you to your appointment.

Website:          https://www.uttyler.edu/clinic/ 
Phone:             903.939.7870
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday
                         8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Location:         3310 Patriot Drive
                         Tyler, TX 75701


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