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UT Tyler Department of Biology

Invited Seminars

Seminars Spring 2014

Friday, February 28th
Dr. Marc Libault
Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
Research interests: Epigenetics, plant molecular biology, plant functional genomics

Friday, March 7th
Dr. Scott Solomon
Rice University
Research interests: Molecular systematics and biogeography of ants

Friday, March 21st
Dr. Emily Taylor
Associate Professor, California Polytechnic State University
Research interests: Reproductive physiology and physiological trade-offs in reptiles

Friday, March 28th
Dr. Matthew Gifford
Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
Research interests: Herpetology and physiological ecology

Friday, April 18th
Dr. Patrick Zhao
Associate Professor, Samuel Nobel Roberts Foundation
Research interests: Bioinformatics and plant genomics

Friday, April 25th
Dr. Michael Udvardi
Senior Vice President & Division Director, Samuel Nobel Roberts Foundation
Research interests: Plant functional genomics

Friday, May 2nd
Dr. William Godwin
Adjunct Professor, Jarvis Christian College
Curator, East Texas Natural History Collection at Jarvis Christian College
Research interests: Systematics and ecology of the dung burying scarabs associated with rodentia