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Find registration, graduation, and name change forms at the UT Tyler Registrar's Forms Library.

Change of Program Form To change to another program, this form must be signed by the new program advisor and returned to the Graduate Admissions office.

Core Residency Form If an applicant or student is classified as a nonresident and wishes to be reclassified as a resident, it is necessary to submit the Core Residency Form. This is used to determine if you will pay in-state or out-of-state tuition rates. After printing out and completing the Core Residency Question Form, please submit it to the Enrollment Services Center. Attempts on the part of a nonresident student to evade the nonresident fee are a serious matter and may lead to disciplinary action, including expulsion and/or penalty as set forth in the law.

Graduate Transfer Credit Approval Form Transfer credit must be approved by the program advisor by completing this form and submitting it to Graduate Admissions ADM 345. Transfer of graduate credit from a regionally accredited institution is limited to 9 hours for master's degrees. All transfer credit must have been completed with a grade of "B" or better and approved by the degree-granting program. Transfer credits should be evaluated and approved during the first semester. Since the restrictions placed upon transfer work may vary from program to program, each graduate degree student should refer to the section of the catalog that details the requirements of the proposed degree.

Transient Approval Form for UT Tyler Graduate Students After the student is admitted to UT Tyler, he or she should not register for any course(s) at any other institution until approval is granted. Approval by the student's Advisor, Department Chair, Dean and the University Registrar is required to assure that the courses taken at another institution will count toward the student's degree. A student should not register at another institution until the request for graduate transient admission form has been completed and approved. Submit completed forms to Graduate Admissions ADM 345.

Transient Approval Form for non-UT Tyler Graduate Students Students pursuing degrees at other colleges and universities who wish to take courses at the University may be admitted as a transient student. If you are not a current student at another college or university, you are not eligible for transient admission at UT Tyler. A transient application is valid for one semester. Transient students remain on a transient hold while at UT Tyler. Submit completed forms to Graduate Admissions ADM 345. Transient students cannot enroll online; the Enrollment Services Center will enroll you in the course(s) listed on your transient approval form.

You will need to submit a new approval form each semester; you will not need to reapply unless you have not attended UT Tyler for 3 consecutive semesters.

A transient student who later wishes to be admitted to the University on a regular basis must apply for admission as a graduate student and meet all admission requirements. Students who are admitted are immediately subject to the University's academic regulations.

  • Go to The Graduate School home page
  • Click on the Apply Now button
  • Click the Create Account button
  • After filling out your profile and creating a username/password, log in
  • Click: Start Application
  • Choose “U.S. Graduate”
  • Choose "Graduate Non-Degree Seeking (all but Education)" as your program
  • Choose "Transient" from the specific area of interest menu
  • Application Fee: The graduate transient application fee is $40.
  • Complete the entire Graduate Transient Approval Form and submit to Graduate Admissions ADM 345. Incomplete forms cannot be processed.
  • PREREQUISITES: If the course you desire to take has prerequisites, you must supply a copy of a transcript showing that you have met the requirements. Check the UT Tyler Catalog for prerequisites.

Graduate Restart The Graduate Restart procedure is designed to allow returning students who performed poorly in their initial attempt at graduate studies to have a fresh start toward meeting graduation requirements for a degree or credit-granting certificate.

A graduate student who has not been enrolled at UT Tyler for at least 12 months prior to readmission may petition the Dean of the Graduate School to remove from his/her graduate cumulative grade point average all grades earned during the student's prior enrollment at the University. Thus, the student who re-enrolls under Graduate Restart automatically forfeits the right to use any of the previous graduate course work, including transfer work, toward the current degree requirements. Only courses attempted following readmission will be applied to the degree requirements.

This petition must be approved by the original degree program, academic dean, and the Dean of the Graduate School. If the degree program does not approve readmission, the student must apply for another degree program and be approved through the appropriate academic department and college prior to readmission.

If readmission is granted under Graduate Restart, the following will apply:

  1. Enroll within one year (12 months) of the granting of the petition.
  2. Earn no grade lower than a "C" in any course attempted.
  3. Maintain a graduate grade point average of 3.0 or better each semester regardless of the number of hours attempted.
  4. Failure to meet grade requirements will result in dismissal from the University. In other words, the policy on probation and suspension does not apply to Graduate Restart students.

All hours attempted and all grades earned before and after Graduate Restart will remain on the student's official, permanent academic record (transcript). Graduate Restart affects only the cumulative graduate grade point average. It will not remove evidence/documentation of the student's overall academic history at the university.

A student may exercise the Graduate Restart option only once, regardless of the number of times the student enters/attends a graduate degree program at UT Tyler.

To be considered for Graduate Restart, students must submit this petition for reinstatement to the coordinator of the graduate program and provide a compelling justification for reinstatement. Students should explain how circumstances that impeded one's success in graduate school have improved.

Students must submit all materials required for full admission to the program (GRE scores, recommendation letters, statement of purpose, etc.) Students must be fully admitted to a program to participate in Graduate Restart; no provisional or conditional admission is allowed.

A student should carefully review this information to make sure that the terms of the program are understood. If the student agrees to the provisions of Graduate Restart, s/he should sign the petition form and submit it to the Office of Graduate Admissions. All required documents to support the application for admission must be submitted as well. For the Graduate Restart applicant, the catalog in effect at the time of the Graduate Restart application is effective. The Graduate Restart option is tied to the admission process and may only be requested at the time of readmission. Graduate Restart Request Petition

Application for Graduate Admissions Appeal Form

Travel by Graduate Students

Graduate students may travel domestically without being accompanied by a Responsible University Official (RUO).  At least one week prior to traveling, a Release and Indemnification Agreement for Graduate Students should be approved and other forms that may be required by their departments should be completed.

Graduate students cannot serve as RUOs when traveling with undergraduate students. Graduate students who travel internationally will follow the requirements for International Travel.

All forms may be sent via fax to 903.566.7492, or by mail to:

The Office of Graduate Admissions ADM 345
The University of Texas at Tyler
3900 University Blvd
Tyler Texas 75799

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