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Asian Studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies

  • The University of Texas at Tyler offers students with an interest in Asia the option of pursuing an interdisciplinary minor in Asian studies. Students planning international careers in business, government, law, or who simply want to broaden their knowledge about a part of the world that includes a significant portion of the world's population and economic output would benefit from this minor.
  • The interdisciplinary minor in Asian studies requires 18 hours of undergraduate course work. These courses may be from any department so long as the focus is Asia. Unless students who minor in Asian studies are taking either Chinese or Japanese language courses, 12 of the 18 required hours must be upper-level courses dealing (all or in part) with Asia. For those who take Japanese or Chinese, they may count up to 12 hours of language courses toward this minor with only six hours of upper-division courses dealing with Asia to fulfill the Asian studies minor.
  • Besides Chinese or Japanese language classes, some of the possible courses include: ART 4342 Non-Western Art; ASIA 4361 Asian Literature; ASIA 4381 Asian Culture and Rhetoric; HIST 4393 Japanese Civilization; HIST 4394 Chinese Civilization; PHIL 4330 Comparative Religious Philosophy; and SPCM 4331 Intercultural Communication. If you are not sure whether a particular course will count toward this minor, please contact Dr. Jonathan Miller, the academic advisor for the interdisciplinary Asian studies minor.