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Undergraduate Course Descriptions


SPAN 1413: Introduction to Spanish I [TCCN: SPAN 1411]

Designed for the student having little or no previous exposure to the Spanish language, this course concentrates on developing the ability to understand, speak, read, and write in Spanish. Grammatical topics such as the present and preterite verb tenses are presented along with an introduction to Hispanic culture. Class conversation is a key element in the instruction.

SPAN 1414: Introduction to Spanish II [TCCN: SPAN 1412]

Building upon the fundamental concepts developed in SPAN 1413, this course emphasizes further practice in conversation, expanded writing assignments, and the presentation of grammatical topics such as the future and conditional tenses. Prerequisite: SPAN 1413 or CI.

SPAN 2311: Intermediate Spanish I [TCCN: SPAN 2311]

Review and continuation of fundamental concepts studied in Spanish 1413 and 1414. Cultural readings, expansion of conversational skills, and continued grammar study. Prerequisite: SPAN 1414 or CI.

SPAN 2312: Intermediate Spanish II [TCCN: SPAN 2312]

A continuation of Spanish 2311. Grammar review and expansion, cultural readings, and continuing study of conversational and compositional skills. Prerequisites: SPAN 2311 or CI.

SPAN 3335: Writing Proficiency in Spanish

This course offers content-based instruction for the acquisition of measured levels of proficiency in writing Spanish. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: CI.

SPAN 3345: Introduction to Hispanic Literature

A course designed to familiarize the students with the analysis of Hispanic literary texts and to provide them with the opportunity to improve their mastery of the Spanish language through commentary on and careful reading of representative literary texts. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 3350: Survey of Spanish Literature to 1700

A study of Peninsular literature, beginning with El Poema de Mio Cid and Extending through the Baroque period, emphasizing works that give representative expression to the thought and cultural patterns of their times. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 3355: Survey of Spanish Literature Since 1700

A study of Peninsular works that manifest the major literary and cultural movements of their times, such as romanticism, realism, and modernism. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 4310: Advanced Grammar

In depth analysis of topics of the Spanish language that are usually problematic for English speakers of Spanish, such as the subjunctive mood and placing the preterite and imperfect in context. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

SPAN 4331: Hispanic Culture and Civilization

An exploration of Hispanic culture and civilization, emphasizing its influence on western civilization. Valuable as a support course in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

SPAN 4352: Cervantes

Study and analysis of the Exemplary Novels and Don Quixote. The course also includes a consideration of Cervantes’ life and times and the views of modern literary critics. Taught in

Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 2312 or consent of instructor.

SPAN 4360: Special Studies in Spanish Literature and Language

Selected readings from various authors, genres, periods, and themes. Concentrated study of

language problems. Taught in Spanish. May be repeated for credit when content changes.

SPAN 4364: Colonial Latin-American Literature

A survey course dedicated to the reading and analysis of representative Latin-American

authors from the discovery of the New World to the 1820's. Taught in Spanish. .

SPAN 4365: Modern Latin-American Literature

Reading and analysis of representative Latin-American authors from the 1820’s to the present. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 4368, 4668: Field Study in Spanish

This course provides students with the opportunity for total immersion in the language and the culture by studying in a Spanish-speaking country. Students will have the opportunity to study historical sites and museums, to conduct field research on a given topic which includes some travel, and to live with a Hispanic family.

SPAN 4370: The Spanish American ShortStory

A study of this genre from the 19th century to the present with attention given to themes, narrative techniques and literary movements. The writers studied will include: Echeverria, Palma, Quiroga, Borges, Garcia Marquez, Fuentes, Castellanos and others. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: CI.

SPAN 4380: Topics in Spanish

This course will explore the basic vocabulary, idioms, expressions, and customs common to

the Spanish-speaking professional world. The course will provide practice in the Spanish language formulas used in, for example, commercial correspondence, legal terminology, health-related professions, and marketing.

SPAN 4385: Spanish for Oral Proficiency

This course offers content-based instruction in small groups for acquisition of measured levels of proficiency in speaking Spanish.

SPAN 4390: The Contemporary Spanish American Novel

Study and analysis of works by major Spanish American novelists from the period of the Mexican Revolution to the present. Emphasis placed on themes and narrative technique in novels by writers such as Azuela, Bombal, Rulfo, Fuentes, Garcia Marquez, Vargas Llosa, Poniatowska and others. Taught in Spanish .Prerequisite: CI.

SPAN 4397: Senior Seminar

Required of all Spanish majors. The topic will vary each time the course is taught and will

be announced in advance of each offering. Readings will vary accordingly. In addition to the particular topic being taught, and as a requirement of the course, the student will be expected to complete a senior paper or project related to the course topic and designed in consultation with the instructor. Papers/projects will be presented by the students in a colloquium to be held at the end of the term. Course fee pending.

SPAN 4199-4699: Independent Study

Independent study in specific areas of Spanish language or literature not covered by organized undergraduate courses. A maximum of six credit hours may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.