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This page contains valuable information for current and prospective mathematics majors.

Prospective mathematics majors often enjoy mathematics and are good at it, but are unsure what careers are available to them with a mathematics degree. Good news: You can do much, much more than teaching! Teaching is one of the more popular career paths for mathematics majors, but there are many more possibilities (very high paying possibilities).

The undergraduate program in mathematics at UT Tyler, leading to the bachelor of science degree, is a comprehensive and well-rounded program which can usually be completed in four years.

This program typically starts with Calculus I, though some students may wish to take college algebra and/or trigonometry prior to beginning Calculus I. Students who complete this program of study will not only learn much mathematics but, more importantly, they will learn how to think in an analytic and logical manner -- the key skill for which mathematics majors are prized in business and industry.

Current and Prospective Mathematics Majors

The very best thing to do if you have questions about the mathematics major or your degree plan is to speak to your departmental advisor. If you don't know who that is, or you don't have an advisor, speak with the department's administrative assistant, Ms. Wages, and she will find an advisor for you.

If you want to come to your advising appointment with a little foreknowledge, feel free to print out the appropriate advising packet: for regular mathematics BS students, or for mathematics BS students with UTeach certification (for future high school teachers).

If you are interested in teaching junior high mathematics (specifically grades 4-8) then you are in the wrong place! Speak to an advisor in the School of Education regarding 4-8 teaching.

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