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Graduate Program

Course Requirements

Two degree options exist in the UT Tyler graduate political science program:

  • The non-thesis option is intended for students seeking broad knowledge of the field of political science, and who may wish to complement that knowledge with additional course work and intensive reading within the discipline.
  • The thesis option is designed especially, but not exclusively, for students contemplating doctoral study or advanced competence in research skills.

Students choosing either option are advised to complete a graduate-level research methods course. Those choosing the thesis option will, with rare exception, be expected to complete such a course before beginning thesis research. The non-thesis option requires the student to take comprehensive final exams.

  1. Required Courses—15 hours

    POLS 5300 Seminar in Scope and Methods
    POLS 5311 Seminar in American Government
    POLS 5321 Seminar in Political Theory
    POLS 5331 Seminar in Comparative Politics
    POLS 5341 Seminar in International Relations

  2. Approved Electives

    Thesis option—12 hours
    Non-thesis option—18 hours

    Where appropriate, graduate courses from other disciplines may apply toward your electives, with the approval of your advisor.

  3. Thesis (POLS 5395, 5396)—6 hours

    These courses are pass/fail and taken in conjunction with research of the thesis and the writing and defense of the thesis respectively. The thesis will be in an area of faculty expertise. A three-person committee, which shall include at least two political science faculty (one of whom will chair the committee) shall direct the thesis.