UT Tyler Department of Political Science

Model United Nations Program

The award-winning Model United Nations Program at The University of Texas at Tyler was established in 2006 to introduce students to international diplomacy and the structures and mandates of the United Nations in a simulation setting.

The program is designed for undergraduate students and graduate students. The undergraduate class participates in both the Southern Regional Model United Nations and the National Model United Nations Conferences which take place in various cities. Students complete six hours of course work to attend the NMUN-NY conferences across the United States, and are required to complete POLS 4315 in the fall semester and POLS 4316 in the spring semester.

Graduate students and select undergraduate students compete at international Model United Nations conferences during the fall semester. These students earn three hours of course credit (POLS 5330/POLS 4365). Recently, students have participated in the Oxford International Model United Nations Conference in Oxford, England, and various National Model United Nations Conferences in Olomouc, Czech Republic; Lillie, France; Rome, Italy; Seoul, South Korea; Gala Pagos Islands, Ecuador and many more.

Students attending Model United Nations conferences assume the role of a diplomat from a member state to the United Nations. Each student is assigned to a simulated committee in the United Nations and researches their represented member state's policy positions on the topics under consideration within each committee. Once at the conference, students advocate for solutions to issues debated in committee that are in accordance with their represented member state.

The Model United Nations Program offers students a unique opportunity to engage in in-depth research related to country studies, policy advocacy and knowledge of important international issues such as human rights, international law, humanitarian intervention, the environment, conflict resolution, and the role of science and technology.

UT Tyler students have represented the following United Nations member states at past Model United Nations conferences: the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Denmark; Italy; Kazakhstan; Guatemala; El Salvador; Turkey; Argentina; the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For more information on the UT Tyler Model United Nations Program, please contact:

Dr. Rachel Bzostek
BUS 231