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Student Learning Communities

Freshman Success Seminars

Students learn about academic integrity, information ethics, critical thinking skills, the promotion of educational values, and the development of skills and attitudes necessary for a satisfactory college experience. In addition, it provides students with information on campus resources, assists them in laying the groundwork for choosing a major and planning a career, eases the transition from high school to college, and generally helps the students feel connected to campus.

Freshman Success Seminar is designed to:

  • Provide strategies to help students set realistic, attainable goals
  • Assist students in developing the professional and academic skills that will enable them to attain their professional goals
  • Identify campus resources and support networks facilitating academic, professional, and personal growth
  • Identify out-of-classroom campus opportunities and experiences that support educational and professional goals
  • Facilitate understanding of the relationship between social responsibility, community service, and professional development
  • Show the value of working and interacting with people of different cultures on campus and in the work force.
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