OU Campus Training and Support

Editing the New UT Tyler Responsive Design Website

OU Campus online help files for the new responsive design are now available. Use the left-side menu to navigate to the information you need.

Please review these FAQ's:

I can't get to the left-side menu bar to edit it. Where's the button?

On the previous site, there was a button to open the menu bar. This version does not have a button. To edit the left-side menu bar, select "Content" at the top of the page, then open the "Includes" folder. You can now edit the "sub-nav.pcf" file

How to edit the left-side menu bar

How do I edit a faculty page? They use to be located in my "faculty" folder, but they are not there.

The faculty pages are now set up in a folder called "directory". To edit a faculty page, navigate to the faculty page in your browser.  For example: www.uttyler.edu/directory/biology/bill.php.

Now, log in to OU Campus from the bottom of the page. To edit, select the ORANGE button.

You can also navigate to the "directory" folder, then open up your folder. 

How to edit a faculty page

When can I edit the rotating images and/or the template?

As mentioned in the basic training sessions, we will begin the next phase of training soon. We will begin setting up users to access the image rotators, template settings, etc. during the month of May.