Graduate Student Researchers

UT Tyler Department of Kinesiology

John AppleJohn Apple is a graduate Kinesiology student in the Health and Kinesiology Department at UT Tyler. He is currently researching and working on “Difference in forces of knee joint before and after, ACL rehabilitation Surgery” by analyzing force measurements. John is also currently working in a biomechanics lab as a graduate teaching assistant. After graduating, he plans to get involved in clinical research or the medical sales field. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the UT Tyler. He represented UT Tyler as well by being a part of the men’s tennis team. Mr. Apple is from Memphis, Tennessee.

Kim LeKimanh Le is a Master’s of Health Sciences student. She completed her bachelor's degree at UT Tyler, with a major in Health Sciences as well. She is currently analyzing data from an intervention about the effects of social media on college students’ mental health, in which she is expecting to uncover an association between mental wellness and less social media use. She is currently working as a graduate teaching assistant in the Fisch College of Pharmacy at UT Tyler. After graduation, she is joining a doctoral program (out of state) to get more involved with health promotion and university education. Kimanh is from Waco, Texas.

Pedro GalvanPedro Galvan completed his Bachelor’s in Health Sciences in the of Spring 2019. As a graduate student in the Health Sciences program he is currently researching shrimp fisherman safety as well as sleep outcomes in university students. Pedro is interested in finding a career in health care settings as a researcher. Pedro plans to go to medical school after graduation. Mr. Galvan is from Athens, Texas.

Queenette OtamiriQueenette Otamiri was a graduate student in the Health Sciences program at UT Tyler, graduating in the fall of 2021. Queenette graduated from University of Szeged, Hungary, with a degree in Pharmacy. Her current research was about exploring substance use in international students, through the lens of acculturation and social cognitive theory. In her thesis, she assessed the prevalence and pattern of substance use, and acculturation status in international students. She was a graduate teaching assistant in the Health & Kinesiology Department at UT Tyler. She is planning to get involved in clinical research, specifically in clinical trials. Ms. Otamiri is from Rivers State, Nigeria.

Callaghan MurphyCallaghan Murphy is a Master’s student in Kinesiology at UT Tyler. He graduated from Sheridan College, Ontario Canada, with a major in applied Health Sciences, Kinesiology, and Health Promotion. Currently, he is conducting research on Squat Thresholds and Performance Adaptation in College Populations. In this research he is trying to provide more information about a novel training apparatus and risk reduction. Currently, Callaghan is employed as a Level 1 coach and he is providing personal training services, too. After graduation he is hoping to do more research on exercise physiology as well enter into a doctoral program. Mr. Murphy is from Ontario, Canada.