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Graduate Advising

The UT Tyler School of Education faculty are ready to assist you in designing an appropriate graduate program to advance your career. We have multiple options for you to consider so contact one of our faculty advisors regarding the content of your degree or for admissions assistance. If you are interested in pursuing the post-baccalaureate teacher certification program (STEP), please contact Ms. Fender.

Graduate Advising for School of Education degrees (Academic Content Related):

Dr. Colleen Swain (Curriculum & Instruction)
Office: BEP 247
Phone: 903.566.7175
Email: cswain@uttyler.edu

Dr. Gina Doepker (Reading)
Office: BEP 212B
Phone: 903.566.6206
Email: gdoepker@uttyler.edu

Dr. Frank Dykes (Special Education)
Office: BEP 243
Phone: 903.565.5772
Email: fdykes@uttyler.edu

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification (STEP) Program:

Ms. Virginia Fender, M.Ed.
Office: BEP 247C
Phone: 903.566.7279
Email: gfender@uttyler.edu

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