UT Tyler School of Education

Admission Requirements

Students should apply for admission to the School of Education (SOE) during the semester in which they will complete all the professional education coursework in Phase I or Block 1. You will SUBMIT your School of Education Admission Packets to Ms. Lisa Dempsey, the School of Education advisor and recruiter.

NOTE: School of Education Admission Packets are ONLY accepted during the fall and spring. If you will be eligible for admission in the summer, you should submit your Admission Packet during the spring term.

Admission Process

  1. Attend School of Education Admission orientation session. (Phase I and Block 1 instructors will inform students when this will be held. This typically occurs during the first six weeks of the fall and spring semester.)
  2. Schedule and complete a successful pre-screen admission interview prior to application to the School of Education.
  3. Complete an Admission Application.
  4. Pay $100 for admission to the SOE (the fee is paid in the Enrollment Services Center, ADM 230) and submit a copy of the receipt to your advisor. Do NOT bring a check to your advisor.
  5. Provide evidence of satisfactory scores on one of these acceptable basic skills tests:
    • THEA/TASP Minimum of 240 on each section—reading, mathematics, and writing

    • Accuplacer Minimum of 82 in reading and mathematics; 6 in writing.

    • ACT Composite score of 24 with minimum of 22 on the English, mathematics, andwriting tests

    • SAT Minimum of 550 on the critical reading (verbal), mathematics, and writing test.

For Accuplacer information, contact the UT Testing Center at 903.565.5693 in UC 3160.

For further information, see Requirements and Equivalencies.

  1. Complete 48 hours on your degree plan with a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA.
  2. Complete an application selecting a degree plan with your advisor. Secondary and All-Level candidates - Submit copy of degree/deficiency plan or verification of degree plan from your academic advisor in your major.
  3. Print, sign, and submit the Handbook Agreement Form.
  4. Print, sign, and submit the FERPA Agreement Form.
  5. Schedule an appointment with Ms. Dempsey to turn in your paperwork for admission. Ms. Dempsey's office is located in BEP 247J. Email: ldempsey@uttyler.edu