Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Undergraduate Studies

Program Objectives

The Department of Art and Art History offers programs of study for those students wanting to pursue careers as professional artists as well as those seeking professions in the field of art. The curriculum and mode of operation within the Department of Art and Art History resemble a professional art school, with a broad-based liberal arts education. Students may select an emphasis in studio art, general art or art history.

The prospective major in art should be aware of marked differences in degree programs.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (B.F.A.) degree program is a studio intensive degree, with a curriculum designed to prepare students to become successful studio artists, and includes the capstone course, ART 4192: Senior Exhibition. This degree is the preferred degree for students wanting to pursue a career in studio art,  or who intend to pursue graduate studies in a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) or Master of Arts in Studio Art (M.A.) studio art program. 

Students are encouraged to participate in the many activities organized by the Department of Art and Art History including: the Studio Art & History of Art Association (SAHAA) student organization, Visiting Artists & Scholars Program, Exhibitions Program, Museum Internship Program, Travel Study, and the annual Professional Practices Symposium.

Students should consult an art advisor in their first semester at UT Tyler to plan a course of study in art. A degree plan must be completed in consultation with an art advisor during the students first semester at UT Tyler. The Department of Art and Art History should be consulted to find out which advisor has been assigned to the student.

All students wanting to pursue the B.F.A. degree program of study must, within the first nine hours of studio course work at UT Tyler, submit a portfolio to the Faculty Review Committee. Upon approval from the Faculty Review Committee, students will be admitted and may complete a B.F.A. degree plan in consultation with an undergraduate art advisor. If the student is denied entry into the B.F.A. degree program, they will be put on probationary status and may submit another portfolio the following semester. The portfolio reviews are conducted in the last month of each semester (December and April). The Faculty Review Committee, upon request from the student, may waive the review process. (Note: If, after two portfolio reviews, the student is not admitted to the B.F.A. degree program, course work done after the 18-hour review will not apply toward the B.F.A. in Art degree.)

The B.F.A. degree program emphasizes sustained and concentrated creative work in studio art and art history. Course offerings include: drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, intermedia, jewelry and small metals, and more.

Recommended degree plans are offered only as a general guideline. Since there are several options within both the B.F.A. and B.A. degrees in art, art majors should consult an art advisor.

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