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“Academic advisors offer students the personal connection to the institution that the research indicates is vital to student retention and student success”

Nutt | 2003 |

Identified by The University of Texas System as one of the three pillars of student success, academic advising is a crucial component that promotes student persistence and retention.

The Department of Academic Success is dedicated to providing data, resources, leadership, and professional development to all professional academic advisors, faculty advisors, and college/departmental administration to ensure valuable academic advising is an institutional priority.  The department is committed to creating an advising community that unifies academic departments and colleges and supports all undergraduate advisors, and through them, all undergraduate students. 

Nutt, Charlie L.(2003). Academic advising and student retention and persistence from the NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources website.

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UT Tyler advisors proudly maintain membership with the National Academic Advising Association.