UT Tyler Biology Department

Expected Progress

Graduate Program

Thesis Option:

 First Semester 

  1. Get familiar with faculty members' research.
  2. Formulate graduate committee.
  3. Complete a thesis proposal of research topic.

 Second Semester

  1. Complete oral qualifying examination for Admission to Candidacy. Exam must be taken by April 1st. There is one repeat if first exam is not passed. The second and final attempt must be completed by April 31.

 Intervening Semesters

  1. Register for thesis (students must register for thesis each Fall and Spring semester until thesis is complete). No more than three hours of thesis can be taken per semester.
  2. Progress on research.

 Last Semester

  1. Register for thesis.
  2. Complete research.
  3. Write thesis.
  4. Schedule Oral Defense of Thesis, which includes three parts: Part A, public presentation of thesis results and defense; Part B, general faculty questioning of student; and Part C, evaluation and recommendation of committee. Oral defense is typically completed within two hours.
  5. The thesis is to be a complete review of the literature and contain a thorough introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, and literature cited sections. The graduate committee will evaluate the appropriate style and publication format of the thesis.