Course Descriptions, Mass Communication Undergraduate Degree, UT Tyler

Course Descriptions

BA/BS Mass Communication

MCOM 2306: Media Design and Production

An introduction to print media design and production with an emphasis on the use of innovative software for designing and producing pages and panels for newspapers, magazines, and advertising.

MCOM 2307: Mass Media and Society [TCCN: COMM 1307]

Relationship of mass communication processes and effects on the individual and society; impact of media messages on knowledge, attitudes and behavior. Examines social, economic, political, and cultural changes around the world from the perspective of mass communication theory and practice. Provides an understanding of the historical and cross-cultural/international aspects of a variety of issues from a mass communication perspective. Emphasis on both the developed and developing nations of the world.

MCOM 2311: Writing for Mass Media [TCCN: COMM 2311]

Techniques of information gathering and writing for various audiences. Practice in interviewing, observation, use of the Internet and documentary references that include computer information retrieval and analysis skills.

MCOM 2313: Multimedia Production

Experience in operation of equipment used for recording, retrieving, and communicating information. Emphasis will be on message design, information delivery systems, and their application to communication theory for small and mass audiences.

MCOM 2315 Sports Communication

An exploration into the theory and practice of communication across specialized contexts sports professionals face and the development of strategic communication skills needed to succeed in them, including areas such as the press conference, the ceremonial speech, and the recruiting process.

MCOM 3301: Feature Writing

A study of the purposes, character, and subject matter of feature stories. Emphasis is placed on writing and marketing the feature for magazines and newspapers. Students will contribute features to the student newspaper. Prerequisite: MCOM 2311.

MCOM 3303: News Writing

Introduction to fundamental journalistic writing skills for the print media, with an emphasis on interviewing, source development and research. Prerequisites: MCOM 2307 and MCOM 2311.

MCOM 3311: Visual Design

Theory and practice of visual design. Emphasis on publication design, corporate identity and advertising layout. Prerequisites: MCOM 2306 OR demonstrated competency with relevant software.

MCOM 3312: Publication Design

Theory and practice of newspaper, magazine, and web layout and design. emphasis on publication design, corporate identity and advertising layout. Prerequisite: MCOM 2306

MCOM 3315: News Editing

Advanced editing for the news media. Emphasis on news judgment, the use of language, and copyediting for the print media. Prerequisite: MCOM 3303.

MCOM 3318: Media Law and Ethics

A study of the major areas of media law, including the First Amendment, libel, privacy, regulation of broadcast media and advertising, free press-fair trial issues, reporters' privilege, copyright, and other relevant areas. Prerequisite: MCOM 2311.

MCOM 3350: Video Production

Study of video communication for television and corporate applications with an emphasis on design, production, and evaluation. Prerequisites: MCOM 2311 and MCOM 2313.

MCOM 3351: Advertising Writing and Design

An intensive study of the writing of advertising copy and the principles of advertising layout for the print and broadcast media. Prerequisite: MCOM 3340.

MCOM 3355 Announcing/Mediated Performance

Students learn to be more effective communicators through enhanced skills in oral and nonverbal communication and a better understanding of the role and use of electronic media as part of the communication process.

MCOM 3360: Photojournalism

A study of use and layout of photographs in newspapers, magazines, types of printing, caption writing, the picture story, picture essay, and multi-image presentations. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire experience in print publication assignments. Prerequisite: MCOM 2313.

MCOM 3365: Digital Photography

Theory and practice of electronic photography, including photojournalistic composition for publication. The application of visual communication theories including human perception, psychology of color, and principles of design to photography and graphic design in communication. Prerequisite: MCOM 2313.

MCOM 3370: Web Design

The students will be introduced to various ways of putting web pages together by the use of HTML, Dreamweaver and CSS, and prepare web appropriate images with Photoshop.
Prerequisite: MCOM 2306 OR instructor permission.

MCOM 3380: Brand Identity Design

Covers the theory and practice of creating brand identity design products. A brand is expressed in a system of tangible items that fuel the recognition of that brand. These items will typically have a strong identity that separates them or makes them stand out from the crowd. The emphasis in this course is for students to learn brand strategy and what it takes to Zag or be very different.

MCOM 3385: History of Mass Media

Study of the development and growth of American media from colonial times to the present; examination of the social, economic, and political relationships of the media within historical environments.

MCOM 3395: Writing for Public Relations and Advertising

An examination and application of the writing skills required in public relations and advertising. Competency is developed in writing news releases, feature articles, newsletters, advertising copy, magazine articles, and brochure copy. Prerequisites: MCOM 2311 and MCOM 3340, or MCOM 3375.

MCOM 4300: Opinion Writing

Analysis of current public issues and the skill sets used in writing about those issues. Students will write editorials, columns, critical reviews, and news analysis stories. Prerequisites: MCOM 2311 and MCOM 3303.

MCOM 4310: Community Journalism

A critical study of contemporary local, state, and national current events and how they are treated by the mass media serving towns, cities, or homogenous communities within urban areas. Diversity's role in communities will be discussed.

MCOM 4325: Multimedia Writing and Storytelling

Study and practice of basic elements of multimedia journalistic storytelling, including writing for audio, video, photo slideshows, and other online journalism formats. Prerequisites: MCOM 2306, MCOM 2311, MCOM 2313.

MCOM 4329: Topics in Journalism

A study of selected journalism topics with emphasis on current ideas and literature. May be repeated once for credit when content changes.

MCOM 4332: Advanced News Writing and Editing

Advanced news writing and copyediting techniques. Focus on the integration of reporting, writing, and editing skills. Capstone courses for journalism-news editorial option; senior standing required.

MCOM 4350: International Mass Media

Study of the role of the media under various political systems and of the impact of communication technology on national development.

MCOM 4361: Media Ethics

A study of the ethical issues in mass media in such areas as censorship, conflict of interest, portrayal of minorities, media as accessory to criminal action, fairness, sensationalism, and the pursuit of news and profit. Emphasis will be on journalism, public relations, advertising, and broadcasting.

MCOM JOUR 4363: Public Relations and Advertising Case Studies

Application and analysis of public relations and advertising principles to cases in business and industry, government, institutions, trades and professions. Prerequisites: MCOM 3340, MCOM 3375.

MCOM 4365: Public Relations and Advertising Campaigns

Course will focus on planning, budgeting, and managing public relations and advertising campaigns in five primary areas: government, non-profit, corporate, political, and product. Prerequisites: MCOM 3340, MCOM 3375, MCOM 3395, MCOM 4363.

MCOM 4368, 4668: Field Experience in Journalism

Study of journalism facilities, personnel, procedures, and field research which includes travel. Classroom lectures and seminar methods supplement the field experience. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

MCOM 4370, 4371: Undergraduate Internship Program

An 8-to-16 week program offering a learning experience in an off-campus environment. CR/NC option. Prerequisite: 12 semester credit hours of upper-division journalism and consent of department chair.

MCOM 4199, 4699: Independent Study

Independent study in specific areas of journalism not covered by organized undergraduate courses. A maximum of six (6) credit hours for independent study courses may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.